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March 22, 2008
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Godzilla Wars - Godzilla by TheKaijuMaster Godzilla Wars - Godzilla by TheKaijuMaster
With the end of :icongodzillasamurai:'s Godzilla Neo series (well at least the first part of it), I've decided to start my Godzilla Wars series, which will eventually integrate with my Advent of Zilla series as the timeline opens up with each new redesigned kaiju added.


Classification - Evolutionary Advanced Gojirasaurus

Height - 55 Meters

Power - Semi-Aquatic, Atomic Heat Ray, Able to resist temperatures up to two thousand degrees, survive for long periods of time in suspended animation

Origin -

In the Cretacious Period, an asteroid struck Earth near the Yucatan Peninsula causing a mass exitinction across the planet. One group of dinosaurs dubbed Gojirasaurus escaped the massive explosion by diving into the sea. Over the next few million years, the survivors of the age of dinosaurs remained in suspended animation in an undersea cavern until the year 1910 when they finally rose to the surface. The pack of omnivorous theropods found their new home on Skull Island by slaughtering the island's giant apes. The Gojirasaurus family group became dominate, and the natives named the matriarch of the clan Gaw, and her followers Death Runners. However in 1930, one last remaining ape confronts Gaw and drives her away after killing her Death Runners. While the island natives name their guardian Kong, Gaw escapes into the sea, and swims towards the Pacific where she makes her new home on the tropical island of Ragos. Once their, she gave birth to two male Gojirasaurus before dying of old age. The two brothers survived by hunting down small animals, but as they grew bigger, they started hunting fish in the sea. In 1945, Japanese Garrisons battle US forces on the island drawing the attention of one of the Gojirasaurus. As Japanese forces retreat, the US Army open fire, causing the dinosaur to fight back by stomping or devouring the attacking soldiers. However as the battleships open fire on the Gojirasaurus, the creature retreats into the woods where it waits to die, but not until 1954.
On the nearby island of Bikini, the US Government tests a nuclear bomb, and in result, Ragos Island feels the effect of the radioactive fallout and mutates the two Gojirasaurus' into two terrifying beasts. After the fallout, the two brothers seperate, as one heads north, the other begins attacking Japanese ships, then the small island of Odo. From this day forth, people have called the beast Godzilla, and after its attack upon Tokyo, a man named Dr. Serizawa put an unknown chemical compound to use, which he calls the Oxygen Destroyer. The weapon successfully destroys Godzilla, but the doctor in order to never use such a deadly weapon again, sacrifices himself in the process of killing the beast, but it seems that his actions were in vain. A year later in 1955, the second Godzilla (the brother), is discovered on an island north of Japan battling a newly discovered monster Anguirus. Though not as hostile towards humans like the first Godzilla (This tells us that the first Godzilla was hostile towards humans since it was the one who battled the US soldiers) the JSDF is not taking any chances and begins attacking. Godzilla retaliates by whiping out the Japanese fleets and escaping into the ocean. Days later, the creature is found near the Arctic where the Japanese Airforce fire at the glaciers, aiming to bury the King of the Monsters under tons of snow and ice. Though successful, it seems that the beast has put a "curse" upon the world as more and more giant monsters appear such as Rodan, Varan, and Mothra. With the world thinking Godzilla is gone for good, but in 1963 around the Bering Sea, sightings of a glowing iceberg have been reported by US Navy ships in the area...

Next: King Ghidorah
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Looks like she's about to breath lightning
Daniel-Eggman Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish they make new godzilla cartoon.
AgentZero14 Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually have an idea for one...
Hmmm... Really?
AgentZero14 Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, its gonna include a lot of the monsters from the films like Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. The series will at first chronicle Godzilla, his allied monsters, and G-Force's attempts to contain the monsters that escaped during a MASSIVE breakout on Monster Island, but there would be a lot of other stuff later. I thought about calling it Godzilla: Monster Wars.
Not bad.:thumbsup: Tell you what if I become a animator I will hire you and make your idea real.:) 
AgentZero14 Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I've renamed it, though. It's now called Godzilla: Defenders of Earth. I thought about it being how Batman TAS and much of the DCAU was: dark and a bit gritty, but suitable AND enjoyable for all ages. I've also considered making it a web series at first, then later it would appear on television.

We could continue this conversation via PMs, if you would like.
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